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Long term car hire with Edinburgh Car Rental

Long Term Car Hire

Under certain circumstances you might need to rent a car in Edinburgh on a longer term basis. Edinburgh Car Rental are happy to provide vehicle hire on a weekly, monthly or even annual basis.

Long term car rental is used by a variety of business and private customers in Edinburgh to suit their vehicle needs. Some of the most popular reasons to hire a car over a longer term include business start ups, temporary work contracts or only living in Edinburgh for part of the year.

Some of the key features of our long term car hire service are discounted prices, due to the duration of the rental, and the ability to extend the hire at short notice should you require the vehicle for longer than you initially thought.

For our best long term car hire rates we ask that you contact us directly by either chatting to us online, sending us an email via our contact page or calling us on 0131 207 0878. to let us know your requirements.

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