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Edinburgh Car Rental


When we founded Edinburgh Car Rental we wanted to base our business on a few simple principles, those were:

  • To offer the lowest rates for car hire across Edinburgh and the Lothians.
  • To provide levels of customer service which were traditionally unheard of in the car hire industry.
  • To create an easy to use website featuring an online booking system which allows customers to reserve a vehicle in minutes.

We believe that we've stayed true to these principles and have built on them positively since our first rental in 2006.

At that time we had a relatively small offering of vehicles for hire and the internet wasn't as trusted for commerce as it is today.

Now, our online booking system allows our customers to quickly and easily pick their ideal rental car and reserve it, choosing from a variety of locations including the City Centre, Edinburgh Airport and Waverley Train Station amongst others.

The range of vehicles we can offer has grown with the company and we can supply all kinds of cars including small hatchbacks for renters on a budget, top of the range BMWs for visiting businesspeople, exotic supercars for driving thrills, people carriers for larger groups and vans for those who require something a bit more commercial.

Our customer demographic has also changed and we are proud to help customers who may face problems renting from other companies including young drivers and international visitors to Edinburgh.

Every year we see demand for rental vehicles in Edinburgh rise and we're equipped to not only meet that demand but provide excellent customer service at the same time.

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